Payment Process

Because of its convenient online administration features, such as the official MyMilestoneCard login page, MyMilestoneCard is a widely used credit card service.


Making online purchases with your MyMilestoneCard credit or debit card is as easy as registering for an account and activating it on the official registration platform at

  • Visit the registration site at from any Internet-enabled device.
  • Sign in with your stored MyMilestoneCard credentials (username, password, etc.).
  • Once logged in, navigate to the “payment accounts” page.
  • To proceed with bill payment, please select the tab.
  • All payments must be made using internet banking, for which you must give the relevant bank details.
  • When making a payment through debit card, please include the card number, expiration date, and cardholder’s full legal name. In addition, you’ll need to provide an OTP or equivalent verification method to prove who you are.
  • After finishing the preceding procedures, go to the page labelled “Pay Now.”
  • After entering the total due, you can proceed with the payment process; confirmation of the transaction will be sent to you through email and text message.

Through the MyMilestoneCard interface, cardholders may pay their bills using a variety of options, depending on their preferences and available funds.

Call the toll-free number (866) 453-2636 to talk with a professional about your My Milestone Card if you’re having trouble with your cards, services, or payments through the web portal.

The Bank of Missouri has officially issued the unsecured credit card known as MyMilestoneCard. Over time, this improves your creditworthiness and encourages excellent habits and credit because the issuer typically reports all payments to all three credit agencies.